Insanity Loves Company

I love my husband. I really, really, really do. He’s my best friend in the whole world, my soul mate, and the love of my life. But some of the things he does drive me absolutely INSANE! At the very top of this relatively short list is this: I hate clutter, and HE. IS. A. SLOB. I’m not talking about as far as his PERSON goes. He is always very well put together–hair and clothes and such. I’m talking about his personal space. He does pretty good about keeping his messes in the general living area that we share to a minimum. But there are parts of the house that I consider to be HIS. He has HIS garage, HIS media room, and HIS shipping room. I don’t even like to look at these spaces, much less go in them. And God forbid I try to clean any of them. They might be a disaster area, but he knows exactly where everything is. So I let him have his space in which to relish in his slobbiness.

Hubby’s computer desk:

He repairs and builds computers, so there are forever computer guts strewn all over it. What can I say, though? It makes him a living!

The shipping room:

Again, work related. Most of the computers that he builds end up being sold on eBay. Hence the need for a shipping room. Likewise, most of the parts that he buys are bought online and shipped to him, so he has a huge stockpile of boxes. Some get reused, but most end up going to the recycling facility.

The garage.

The hubby is also a licensed electrical contractor. The garage is where all of his electrical tools and supplies live.

So what about you guys? Does your significant other/kid/roommate have a habit or hobby that drives you nuts?

7 thoughts on “Insanity Loves Company

  1. you're lucky… my wife and I are both slobs… you should see the messes that ensue when there's too people doing it! but at the same time, we don't like clutter… it's a constant battle… I feel like I'm always cleaning but that I never get anywhere… AGGGHHH!!!

    As far as pet peeves… my wife doesn't wash silverware… I do the dishes most of the time anyway, but when she does do them she leaves all the silverware in the sink because she doesn't like to wash them… then I have to wash them… it's not like I particularly like to wash silverware either… AGGHHH!!!


  2. At least he is working, right?

    My hubby is kinda neat but is a pack rat. He serious gets emotional when I throw things out. He still have his professionally printed resumes from the 70s (he is older than me) that are completely out of date (obviously) but won't get rid of them. He is crazy.


  3. Role reversal; I slide more to the slobbish side of the spectrum and he's neat as a pin. 7 years have taught us the value of compromise, but it still remains a topic of discussion.


  4. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog, Pam! I'm just scoping out your blog now — hilarious post!! Fortunately (?!?) I live with just a cat, so we keep things pretty clean around here. πŸ˜›


  5. Uh ohhhhhh….. I think that I may be like your husband and you may be like my wife. She is always complaining about all of my little piles everywhere.

    That is pretty cool that he fixes / builds comps. I've always wanted to get into that – but like everything else haven't found the time.


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