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I am quite possibly the only person that hasn’t done this yet. My reading list has been flooded by Versatile Blogger posts the past couple of weeks. I love reading them and finding out more about you guys, so I’ll humor Adam, who tagged me, and post a list of my own.

1. I hate clutter. Can’t stand it. I don’t have a lot of knickknacks sitting around, and I have very little stuff on my walls. My husband, on the other hand, is a freakin’ slob. This actually just gave me an idea for a post. More on this to come…

2. I’m a stickler for correct spelling and punctuation. I have to resist the urge to grade my friends’ facebook status updates. I get it from my Dad. I think he has actually marked up the local newspaper with red ink and mailed it back to them.

3. I hate to dress up for work. I get filthy working the mail, and I am NOT ruining good clothes! Most Postmasters wear business attire to work. I wear a Postal t-shirt, khaki Aeropostale uniform pants, and tennis shoes. It’s a small town–who am I trying to impress?

4. I watched Porky’s for the first time on the laptop on the plane ride home from Cabo last week. I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard at a movie.

5. I have really gotten into earrings and fingernail polish lately.

6. I think one of the funniest sitcoms ever made was All in the Family. I am working on the DVD series collection.

7. We bought a used futon off Craigslist this weekend for the dogs. They now have their own bedroom complete with their own furniture.

6 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger

  1. I so agree with #2 (secretly email me to tell me where my mistakes are – I want to know) and #7 is super cute.

    I love earrings!

    BTW: FB me… Jennifer Farren Green


  2. YAY! My life is basically a string of people humoring me.

    I'm with you on the clutter – and my wife REALLY is. All of her relatives always ask where all of our “stuff” is. STUFF? We don't have stuff.

    Funny, I've just recently got into earrings and nail polish too. Wait…..i've said to much

    Great list!


  3. My responses:

    1. We should never live together again.
    2. Guys are more attractive when they text/IM me with proper grammar.
    4. What? I watched that years ago, while I was still in high school. Whole trilogy. Good stuff.


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