A few days ago I changed something on this blog, but no one seems to have noticed. Which leads me to believe that either you are so dazzled by my mad writing skillz that you don’t notice anything else or that you just don’t care. We’ll pretend it’s the former.

So do you see it now?

I’ll give you a moment to look around.

*crickets chirping*

No, I’m not talking about the profile picture. Keep looking.

*Jeopardy theme song*

I’ll give you a hint: Races Completed & SCHEDULED.

*ding ding ding ding ding!!!*

THAT’S RIGHT, BABY!!! 12/5/10!!! SIN CITY!!! I’M THERE!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. And I'll be right there beside you the entire way!!! It's going to be awesome…you'll see!! You'll be hooked just like me. Lindsey says we (the three of us) should make a pact and run at least one every year in a different state…I'll let you run this one first, then I know you'll say yes!!!


  2. Hi Pammy,
    Woo hoo and holy crap!! You have signed up for a full marathon! You are a freaking rock start:) I am planning on running the half so maybe we can meet up somewhere in that big old sin city!! Congrats! Also, I love your new picture…you look great! Happy weekend girl!


  3. @Jamoosh – Drunkenness, gluttony, lust, envy, greed, and I'm pretty sure there will be some taking the Lord's name in vain around mile 20 or so.

    @Michele – Let's see if I survive the first one before I commit to a lifetime of marathons!

    @Julie – THAT WOULD BE GREAT!!! And, are you kidding??? LOL That picture is horrible! I was sweaty and rained-on. Ew. haha

    @RED and Jessie – Thanks! I'm pretty stoked too!

    @RadRunner – According to the web site, it starts at 6:15 AM. Ouch.

    @Em – Doooooooooo iiiiiiiit!!!! It would be awesome to meet some fellow bloggers!!!


  4. LOL @ Jamoosh and your response. SOOOO true.

    UNFORTUNATELY, due to things that will make much more sense to everyone in a few months…I am soon going to have to REMOVE that race from my schedule! *hrmph* So, you're going to have to have twice as much Drunkenness, gluttony, lust, envy, greed for me 🙂


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