11 thoughts on “Want to Trade

  1. They are. When we found it we were too in shock to do anything. Actually Hubby beat me home and found it first. He had already put them in the fenced-in back yard when I got home. Which is good. I just don't think I can look at them right now.


  2. holy crap! Pet ownership and nice things just don't mix… it's the sacrifice us dog lovers have to live with!!!

    They go and do something bad and then just when you're about to kill them they run up to you with their dog eyes sparkling and their tails wagging, like your the most important person in the world… lil' Bastards!


  3. @Bootchez – We were already laughing about it by last night.

    @Adam – What you don't see is the chewed corner of the rug that we spun around and put under the couch.

    @Ethan – I KNOW!!! We've decided to start putting them in the bathroom when we're not home. Not much damage they can do in there. But by last night, Hubby was feeling so guilty about the fact that they were on a tile floor that he made a trip to Tractor Supply to get them two new fluffy pillows because — GUESS WHAT?! — they chewed their last ones up.


  4. That massacre happened at YOUR home???

    Goodness!!! I think Bootchez said it perfectly!!! Not funny when it happens, haha, but later…

    PS. Thank you for your support with the surgery. Sigh. 4 more weeks.


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