It’s Gonna be a Wet One!

Anybody seen Nashville’s forecast for this upcoming marathon weekend? Yeah. It’s not lookin’ too pretty. I know it’s just Wednesday and the weather dude has ample time to change his mind at least 17 times, but right now he seems to think there will be rain and thunderstorms between 6 and 9 a.m. on Saturday. FAN. TAS. TIC. The thing that bums me out the most about the possibility of rain is not so much that I’ll have to run in it. That won’t be so bad. But it will keep a lot of the spectators at home and bands off the street, and I’ve heard that those are the things that make the CMM a race worth running.

Oh well. I’ll just keep doing my sunshine dance and we’ll see how it plays out. You should really see my sunshine dance. It’s pretty awesome.

For now I’m not doing much running. My schedule called for a Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday 4-3-2 taper. I missed Monday because of other commitments, so I’m doing a Tuesday-Wednesday 4-2 taper. I actually finished the 4 last night at a near-PR pace, and I honestly didn’t even mean to! I set out to do an easy 4 and I didn’t feel like I was pushing myself at all, so I was quite pleasantly surprised with my time. I think I’ll leave the watch at home tonight and jog an easy couple miles without any thought to time or pace.

Things are a little more hectic on the work front these days. Dealing with on-the-job injuries is never any fun, and I’m doing that again this week. A couple of weeks ago, one of my carriers pulled up to a rural mailbox to service it, and when she opened the lid a wasp flew out at her. She instinctively jerked her arm away and when she did she felt something in her shoulder pop. She didn’t want to turn it in as an accident then because she hoped it would get better. But two weeks later it still hurts her to push or pull with that arm, so she decided to go ahead with the claim and get it checked out. No fun for me, less fun for her.

AND I’ve got interviews scheduled for tomorrow to replace the guy I had to let go last month. I hate interviewing people almost as much as I hate being interviewed. But the fun part is going over people’s applications. It never ceases to amaze me the crap that some people will put in an application. This one for instance…apparently she’s a lazy genius. She graduated high school in only a year and three months and hasn’t worked a day since her graduation in 1988.

Seriously? Wow.

6 thoughts on “It’s Gonna be a Wet One!

  1. Make sure you body glide the crap out of your feet so they don't get blisters if it is going to rain. But, i'm with Misszippy – running in the rain can actually be pretty fun. Good luck this weekend!


  2. Oh Pammy,
    I am sending you good kick butt and no rain vibes:) I would love to see your special dance:)

    I can in the rain/sleet for my first wasn't too bad! Good luck to you sister!! You are going to do great!


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