Top 10 Reasons to Hate Spring Running

Misszippy has outlined her Top 10 reasons to love spring running.

Being the pessimist that I am, I feel it is my duty to counter her post with one of my own.

Top 10 Reasons to Hate Spring Running

1. Allergies. I sneeze, sniffle, and snort my way through the entire run. Although I must say my snot rocket accuracy has improved. I can now hit a moving target from 20 paces.

2. Bugs. Due to said allergies, I have to breathe through my mouth, inhaling more than my fair share of bugs. I hear they’re full of protein, but until they start making them in better flavors, I’d rather get my protein from peanut butter.

3. Road repair. Nothing like getting pelted with tiny-ass rocks being slung from the gravel truck as he flies past you. Seriously, TDOT. That pothole has been there since November. It won’t hurt you to slow down to 55mph. It’ll still be there when you get there. I promise.

4. Irresponsible dog owners. Warmer weather = more people in the park. More people in the park = more dogs in the park. More dogs in the park = more dog SHIT in the park. If you’re not gonna pick it up, at least kick it off the path. I’d rather not carry your dog’s digested kibble home on the soles of my Mizunos.

5. Tan lines. I hate tan lines, and I already have one in the shape of a Garmin Forerunner on my left wrist and a kickin’ sock line. Sexy, right? Especially with flip-flops.

6. Road kill. It was there in the winter, too, but at least it was frozen, keeping the aroma to a minimum. Now that it’s warm out, the pungent stinch of decomp lingers in the air.

7. Baseball season. Instead of being out there sweating and chaffing, I could (and would much rather) be sitting inside watching my Cardinals and drinking a cold beer. Or bloody mary, or margarita, or…you get the point.

8. It’s hot.

9. It’s humid.

10. It’s hot and humid.

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8 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons to Hate Spring Running

  1. Very nice counterpoints! I like #5 especially–I'm pretty sure my watch line just disappeared and now it is reappearing. War wounds, right? And, what's better than getting your run in, and then hitting the baseball game with your drink? I cannot tell you how happy I am to have winter running behind me (for now). It takes all kinds!


  2. …or a glass of wine or an apple martini:) Just saying!

    We joke here in Minnesota that we actually have five seasons. Spring, summer, fall, winter and road construction:) We have those damn potholes to run around!

    Take care Pammy….tomorrow is Friday:)


  3. I too have the garmin tan, it's damn sexy! I have the sock tan too and the tan on my arms where my shirt covers then it doesn't, I'm about to start wearing my sleeveless from now on!! I take it all in stride though, when I had my black toes last year, I did not paint my nails and I wore flip flops EVERYWHERE!! Even to work (my boss let me!) It was too painful to wear shoes. Those are my war wounds, and I LOVE them!!! I'm tough and so are you!!!


  4. Great post…. another reason to hate spring running…When I'm running I feel guilty that I'm not working on the spring gardening and yard work…

    As for baseball… I feel like I finally had a good run today and am starting to get my mojo back and then the Cardinals go and lose to Houston?!? (Their first win of the year no less!)… I'd much rather the Cardinals keep my mojo and keep winning!


  5. @funderson – This is Cards country! Tennessee doesn't have an MLB team, so the Cards are like the hometeam around here.

    @EZEthan – Another good point! My landscaping is suffering too. It desparately needs to be weeded and remulched. And did you see that game last night!? 20 innings!


  6. Heat without humidity isn't so bad. Unfortunately that doesn't really exist once it gets hot in VA.

    My body is always pretty shocked by the first “hot” run, but something about me kind of likes it there after. It really is different/harder though! And pollen SUCKS!


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