No Paparazzi Here

This has been the dullest, most boring, least interesting week EVER. No blogworthy events whatsoever. But guess what! You get a post anyway. Just so you don’t forget I exist!

I did run eight miles again Sunday. My training schedule called for a 10K, but there weren’t any around, so I just repeated the previous week. Nothing spectacular. Different route, more hills, and a minute and a half faster.

This pretty much sums up the rest of my week: Wake up. Go to work. Come home. Do laundry. Clean house. Cook supper. American Idol. Then there was a bonus yesterday. I did poop patrol in the back yard where the dogs go out.

Please. Try to contain your excitement. I know it’s glamourous, but the flash bulbs hurt my eyes.

There was a little bit of an upswing yesterday though. After Sunday’s run, my legs were pretty spent from the hills, so I didn’t run Monday or Tuesday. I laced up yesterday after work and went out for 4.5 miles. Now, in case you have forgotten, I’m slow. My goal has been 10 min/mile, and I’ve been inching closer and closer. I came so close yesterday I could smell it. I finished 4.5 miles in 45:40. So. Damn. Close.

Then I came home and got in the tanning bed. That REALLY put me in vacation mode. I’m funny like that. I can KNOW we’re going on a trip, but I never really get excited about it until I start physically doing something to prepare for it–like tanning for instance! It’s like it makes it official or something.

“Okay, it’s official! Pam’s tanning! Buy the plane tickets!”

3 thoughts on “No Paparazzi Here

  1. Hi Pam,
    My life is sometimes pretty flipping boring too:) You did a great job of getting out there and getting those runs in:) Just keep pluggin' away and you will get there!! I need a tan too! I am so Minnesota white…it is pathetic:( I am too chicken to go tanning anymore…I had a few moles removed and I am super paranoid! I have used the self tanning lotions but I hate how they smell! I might be sporting my super white skin for the whole summer:( Happy Thursday:)


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