That’s More Like It

I feel better now. I went out for a 3-miler yesterday afternoon and set a new PR for myself by 51 seconds. It’s good to know that Saturday’s problem (WHATEVER it was) is gone. I ran 3 miles in 30:29 yesterday. Now, I know that some most of you reading this probably just choked on your chocolate milk laughing at that time, but for me that’s improvement! When I started running a few months ago, I set my first real speed goal at 10:00 min/mile. I’m finally starting to get close to that number. I actually was a little bit under it for the first two miles, but then that last mile which is mostly uphill, slowed me down a little bit. But overall it felt great, and that’s really why we do this, right? I know it’s not fast, but at least it’s still trending in the right direction. I’ll take that. For now.

6 thoughts on “That’s More Like It

  1. I'm impressed! I'm not much into speeds and such, but I tend to look at something like a ten minute mile FOR ME is like a seven minute mile for (EVERYONE ELSE? 🙂 and thus when that milestone is reached it should be celebrated accordingly. That's awesome!!!

    (don't get too fast there, speedy!!)


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