Slow Girls Need Cool Running Clothes, Too!

So we all know the phrase, “If you build it, they will come,” right? Well, I’m trying to see if that will work with clothes, too.

“If you buy heat gear clothes, summer will come.” So I did. While doing a little shopping today, I bought some new Under Armour heat gear. BRING ON THE SUMMERTIME!!!!

Since I just started running this past summer, this is my first winter running. I’ve been in serious need of a good pair of running gloves, but my inner tightwad just wouldn’t let me thrown down $30 on a pair of gloves. I’ve either been doing without (Hello, frostbite!) or making do with regular ol’ cute, fuzzy gloves I already had. You know, the ones that act as a sponge, sucking every ounce of fluid from your body through the palms of your hands.

So today when I was driving by Dick’s, I thought to myself, “Self, seeing as how Kohls already has their bathing suits out and their coats on clearance, I wonder if Dick’s is doing the same thing!” So I went in trying to score a cheap pair of running gloves. And I so did! Gotta love off-season shopping.

Know what is even better than cheap? FREE!!!! Beth over at Shut Up and Run is doing an awesome running gear giveaway. And I’m gaining an entry into the contest by putting this in my blog.

Completely changing the subject, I did the P90X Stretch DVD a couple nights ago. Oh. My. GOD. It felt AMAZING. Like many other runners, this is an area that I have had a tendency to neglect. I’m trying to do better about it, and it seems to be paying off because I haven’t had any of the pain in my legs or feet that I had last fall. I’ve now done three of the twelve DVDs, and I totally reiterate my “Money Well Spent” rating.

3 thoughts on “Slow Girls Need Cool Running Clothes, Too!

  1. Hi Pam,
    Let me know if the purchasing of new summer running gear really works for sending spring a little faster!! I will run out ASAP and purchase a few items myself:) I love getting new running gear! Have a great weekend Pam!!


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