P90X review

I apologize in advance for any typos in this post. After all, it’s not easy to type with your toes. I’ve been reduced to this because today my arms are dangling at my sides like two useless, sore spaghetti noodles. I finally took my P90X DVDs out of the plastic last night and hung in there as long as I could through the chest and back workout. (Pushups, anyone?) I’ll be the first to admit that I have SQUAT for upper-body strength, so I was happy that I even made it halfway through before making many modifications for sissies. I’ve gotta say, all in all, I was impressed with the quality of workout that you are able to get in your home with very little equipment. It will make for a nice addition to my routine for something to do on my cross- and strength-training days. If I’m forming an opinion off the first DVD, I’ll give it a “Money Well Spent” rating. And I’m cheap, so the producers should be very proud of themselves. I usually reserve that rating for necessities such as soap and Oreos.

2 thoughts on “P90X review

  1. This stuff is SUPER popular. I can't read a blog w/out seeing someone talk about it. so, it must be really good! Good luck.

    (BTW, oreos always get 5 stars in my book)


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