What’d I tell ya? Monday showed up about 3:00 yesterday afternoon, bit my ass, and hasn’t let go yet! The ONE DAY that I have plans after work and need to get out on time is the day that our retail system goes down. And, lucky me, being the boss, I can’t be like, “Okay, see y’all tomorrow! Good luck with that!” I get to stay and battle the IT help desk over the phone. So I was way late for my dinner/drinks/shopping date with my friend, which just burned me up because I so very rarely get to do anything social with any of my friends, but that’s another post for another day. But we had an awesome time anyway. 🙂 Then I came back to work this morning and the fun started all over again. Ugh. I found out that I’ve got some competition for this job that I’m in the process of applying for. I still think that I’ve got a pretty darn good shot at it, but I was handling it better when I thought I was the only really qualified person applying for it. This other woman that I found out about yesterday is already has the same title, but it’s at a really small office, and if they award her this office it would be a pretty big promotion for her. Whereas if they give it to ME, it’s a downgrade from my current position. I hope that makes them more inclined to go with me. But who knows… I’m trying not to worry too much about it. It will be what it will be and there’s nothing I can do about it.

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