Not-so-Manic Monday

It kind of scares me when I have a Monday this good! I’ll be looking over my shoulder the rest of the week just waiting for Monday to sneak up on me and bite my ass when I’m not expecting it. It’s not that anything SPECTACULAR happened or anything… it was just a good day! No major problems at work, good workout at the gym afterwards, came home and made a lasagna that turned out really yummy, and now I’m sitting on my couch in my sweats watching How I Met Your Mother. A good Monday!

My legs are starting to tighten up a bit from my workout. I mentioned yesterday that I needed to start preparing myself for the hilly course I’ll be running in April, so I figured that today was as good a day as any! I got on the eliptical and set it on a high resistance level and elevation and pumped away for half an hour. Felt great! Then I did a little upper-body stuff. Just because. I’m starting to get the 30-something arm flappage in the area that used to be fairly well-defined triceps. I can’t be having that shiznit.

So I’ll be sitting right here in my little spot on the couch that is molded with the imprint of my ass the remainder of the night enjoying what little bit is left of this not-so-manic Monday. I raise my beer and say to you, “Here’s to an even better Tuesday!” How do I know it will be a good Tuesday? Because I have plans for a girls’ night out tomorrow night! I’m WAY overdue for a little girly time, so, my friends, tomorrow will definitely be a good day. 🙂

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